We are spezialised in advising private individuals, self employed and small&medium companies and our lawyers are used to a close relationship with the client.

Nevertheless our on line platform allows to make this relationship swifter, in a field where the importance of the issues, the precission, and the agility, advise against telephone assistance or office hours limitations.


Mainly focused on the small companies and the self employed, we offer a “Business Pack” which will provide complete legal services, including any area related to business.

Through a monthly fixed fee, you will be able to ask our specialists, write agreements, answer legal requirements, deal with local? administration, etc,… Ask for a budget.

If you just need to solve a particular problem, tell us what you need, and we will provide a first impression of your situation for free in less than 48 hours.





Our clients ask for any kind of legal advise: reports, contracts, conflicts negotiation, international procedures,…

With us, you will not find a limited number of services. We provide comprehensive advise. For a fixed monthly fee, all your legal needs will be covered. Ask for a personalized budget.

We also may solve a punctual case, for much less than you may think. Feel free to ask. If this is your first query, our specialists will provide a first impression of your case for free in less than 48 hours.

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  • Need help with a case against a Hotel after a fall in Spain while on Vacation.

    Nathan Headley07/05/2016
  • admin-iuris

    Dear Mr. Headley,

    Thank you for contacting IURIS on line.

    Apparently the email address you provided is not correct and the server has rejected it.

    Please contact so that we could properly answer your query.

    Kind regards,
    IURIS on line team


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