About us

Quality legal advise. We are not a call center. Our network is composed by traditional firms which have been working for a long time. All our lawyers have more than 10 years of experience.

We provide a written answer, not just by telephone. To leave have a record of all proceedings. This does not prevent you from having a permanent access to your contact lawyer, on his or her mobile, e-mail, or however is most convenient for you.



You do not go to your bank’s branch to make a transfer or check your balances, do the same thing with your lawyer.

Access your private area on line with your documents, messages, calendars, invoices, etc…

e-mail is not enough to fulfil your needs.






Our network can reach anywhere in Spain. No matter where your problem is and where you are. Are you a UK resident with a housing problem in Malaga? Inheritance matter in Madrid and you live in Seattle? IURIS on line is the best solution for you.

Any legal matter. We cover all legal areas as far as Spanish law is concerned. Wether you live in Spain or abroad we can provide full legal coverage.

We can help with contracts, family matters, off court negotiations or any kind of legal advise, but if you need to be represented in a lawsuit, we have the most adequate specialist for you.