Legal areas

Our network is wide enough as to cover any legal need that you may have. No matter where you are or what is your problem. Ask now.

95% of the cases are solved on line, but if there is need to go to Court, to a notary, or any other circumstance where our presence is essential, you will meet a specialist in your area with more than 10 years of experience.

Here you can find some examples of the legal areas in which you may need our services.


Spanish Constitution; agreements; property law; horizontal property; real estate & construction; family law, filiation, divorce, marriage settlement; inheritance; extra-contractual liability…
Agreements; Due diligence; International deals; Companies, incorporation, merging, liquidation, partner’s rights, challenge of board agreements, administrators liability; consumers protection, bankruptcies…
Rights against Public Administrations; Civil servants; Administrative sanctions; Public sector contracts, construction, public concessions; Planning; Compulsory purchase…

Any kind of criminal charges and defense. Traffic accidents. Non residents rights.

If you need a local expert contact us and we will provide a budget for our legal assistance and representation before Court.

International hiring; Dismissals (Collective or individual), working accidents; Retirement…

Local legislation experts (Income tax, VAT, international investment vehicles…).