Child NIE in Spain

Grandmother and childHow can we get a NIE for a 7 years old British girl to attend school in Spain? Initial application refused on grounds child supposed to be with mother. Child’s British mother of Zimbabwean origin has 3 month NIE, but has to commute to UK for work, so child, with her mother’s full permission, now lives with her “Grandmother”, a British woman with residencia, and long time empadronamiento in Spain. The guardian “Grandmother” designation is not biological – the family link is based on the (demonstrable) fact that the “Grandmother” was previously the legal guardian of the child’s mother until the latter turned 18. Since illegal not to attend school, how proceed to get NIE etc.?

It seems from your query that when you  applied for the NIE it has not be attached the document stating you were the legal guardian of the child until she gets the age of 18. If you correct this lack you should no have problems to get the NIE.

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